Market cap is useful for describing how much something is worth, but may not a good way of predicting how valuable a coin can become. Here’s why…

It works for stonks, but does it work for cryptocurrency? . Photo by Gilly on Unsplash


Market cap is typically used in the stock market to evaluate the value of a company. The basic formula is:

So a company with $10 stock and 500 public shares has a market cap of $5000. This is a simple way to say how much Apple or Tesla is worth. When it comes to cryptocurrency, people tend to take the current price of a coin, and multiply it by the total amount of coins as a means for predicting future value.

For instance, at the time of…

This is the alt-coin you should be paying attention to right now. It has been called the most undervalued coin at the moment, and has seen consistent gains while nearly every other coin has been falling. If you haven’t heard of it by now, you might want to start paying attention.

Harmony Coin.

The Harmony One token is creating a lot of buzz around its EPoS ecosystem which stands for Effective Proof of Stake. Essentially, what they did was analyze some of the shortcomings of several other blockchains and try to come up with a system that passes where others have failed.

The key takeaways are:

  1. Harmony is Proof-of-Stake blockchain which is energy efficient and low-cost for node runners.
  2. They have a system in place to eliminate the concentration of power by a few powerful validators (EPoS) keeping it more secure and more decentralized.

This means that in contrast to other Proof-of-Stake blockchains where the rich get…


KS0454 keyestudio Circular TFT LCD Smart Watch Display Module instructions.

The KS0454 keyestudio Circular TFT LCD Smart Watch Display Module is a small screen available on Amazon for under $20. I bought this for a little project of mine, but the documentation is abysmal (Since publishing, I have found this helpful repo of information). So I thought I’d throw this little page up to let you know how I got it working. Hopefully it helps.

You, too, will soon be able to make fancy, blue triangles by the end of this article!! Excited?

First the existing documentation:

It’s all over the place, and under different model names. So here’s what I could find.

  1. The KS0454 documentation wiki
  2. The Arduino Library (listed as DFRobot_ST7687S)
  3. The sample code (on Dropbox)

The pinout

The wiring at least…

A good leader shines. A poor leader sucks.

A sun shines over a wheat field through a darkened sky
A sun shines over a wheat field through a darkened sky
Photo by Tom Hauk on Unsplash

The concept is simple but so hard to do. How do you take charge by not taking charge? The answer is: to intentionally occupy the void where there is no guidance, no organization, no order.

Like the Gladiator, played by Russel Crowe, he sees a way to bring order to the tangle of fighters flung together on the floor of the Roman Colosseum. In the film, they were marched into an arena battleground, forced to re-enact the massacre of a barbarian horde, and found themselves playing the part of the losers, to be slaughtered by the well-trained Colosseum mercenaries.


Scarce things have value. If you treat your time as a valuable resource, others will value your time as well.

Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

Some people are scared to say no to requests. They often feel safer saying “maybe” or “we’ll see”. Something that gives them a soft out. Nobody likes rejection, so maybe it’s a subconscious effort to not reject anyone. This doesn’t help anybody. Especially you.

A “maybe” is a Schrödinger’s box of outcomes. It’s not a yes. It’s not a no. Up until the moment it must precipitate into one or the either, it’s both.

Giving this kind of fuzzy response to someone prevents them…

Nature has the best graphic designer by far. Picking colors is the easy part. Learn how to make the best use of them as well, with this simple system.

You’ve got 16 million colors to choose from. Which ones do you pick for your color theme? Turns out, Mother nature always knows best! Follow this guide and your UI will have natural looking color combinations with great UX.

Photo by Sharon Pittaway on Unsplash

What is a theme anyway?

theme | THēm | noun
an idea that recurs in or pervades a work of art or literature

Translation for design systems: A set of colors that recurs in an interface.

We have 2 easy tasks ahead of us:

  1. Determine a set of colors.
  2. Determine the system that we’ll use to apply them to our interface.

About this series

In this series, I’ll be…

Rather than becoming an expert at color theory, here’s how you can easily wield colors like a designer.

A closeup photo of red, green and blue pixels under a microscope.
A closeup photo of red, green and blue pixels under a microscope.
Apple iPad 2 pixels under a microscope. From

Part I. Don’t use RGB Unless you’re an expert in color theory.

Pop Quiz: Without cheating, describe what color this hex code is likely to represent: #03A87C? Here’s a hint: RGB(3, 168, 124) (did that help at all?)

— The answer: ¡uoʇʇnq ʍoןןoɟ ǝɥʇ ɟo uǝǝɹƃ ǝɥʇ s,ʇI

You don’t have to be religious to appreciate this vastly underrated tip at resolving interpersonal conflict…

Oh, believe me, I’ll tell you what the Fox says! — Photo by on Unsplash

What do you do when someone rubs you the wrong way, does you wrong, or treats you poorly? Our goto is typically to go run and tell someone, gossip behind their back, or cut them off, or even get revenge somehow. Well, there’s this one verse in the Old Testament that gives some pretty solid advice about what to do during interpersonal conflicts. It described to ancient people what to do, and when I read this, it changed how I handled conflict forever. Here is the verse:

A Brother who Sins (Deuteronomy 19:15–17)

Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his…

A cognitive science approach to how our brains limit our ability to notice things, how we might be able to hack this in our favour.

Did I remember to shut the pantry door? Those fruit flies have been really pesky lately. - Photo by Rob Schreckhise on Unsplash

A newlywed couple, a landscaper, a cat-burglar, and a bird-watcher take a stroll down the same suburban neighborhood on a sunny May afternoon. The newlywed couple sees the potential for future children playing in the yard, and wonders what the schools might be like in this area. The landscaper is looking for uncut lawns, overhanging branches, immediate opportunities to provide service the homeowners. The cat-burglar is looking for more nefarious things: potential hidden entries, security cameras, vulnerabilities. While the bird watcher is completely ignoring the homes, and using her ears, and scanning the tree tops, listening for nature’s singers.

The brain manages sensory input


Version specific virtual environments. The elegant solution to needing different Python versions for different projects.

Who’s a happy camper? Yes you are! Yes you are! Photo by Bob Walker on Unsplash

In order to install the package I required, I needed to switch to an older version of Python, but only for that project. Here is the simple solution: Version specific virtual environments.

As of writing this, I am using the latest version of Python on my machine: 3.8.5. It is usually fine to use the latest version. Except every now and then, something juicy requires an earlier version of Python for it to work, or in some cases, it won’t even install without that older version.

In this case, I’m talking about Kivy. It’s a super slick front end app development library for Python. It lets you develop mobile apps for your device completely in Python, and it’s really solid from what I can see (it even supports Material Design). But for…

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Product designer, machine learning, music production

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